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ADL loses his mind after Napoli loss in Champions League

Napoli’s owner lashed out at his manager and squad and did a lot more harm than Wednesday’s result did.

ADL shouldn't talk about Napoli's tactics to the media

Napoli’s owner airing his tactical frustrations in the media isn’t going to help anything.

Napoli continue Icardi obsession with shocking offer

€70 million is far, far too much money for Napoli to pay for the Inter Milan striker.

Fiorentina match at risk over San Paolo showdown

Napoli might not be able to use the Stadio San Paolo for Sunday's match against Fiorentina, as the club and city are again bickering over the stadium.

De Laurentiis lashes out at Naples mayor

Aurelio De Laurentiis and the city of Naples have been feuding over the renovation of Napoli's stadium for some time now, and it sounds like the club's owner has had about enough.

Angry ADL dismisses Inter rumors

You wouldn't like ADL when he's angry.

Reliving ADL's scooter escape

Remember this? It's too good not to revisit now and then.

ADL: "No possibility Gonzalo Higuain will leave"

Aurelio De Laurentiis declared that Napoli will be keeping their top striker.

ADL on potential Higuain exit: "I wish!"

Napoli's owner spoke a little too frankly to fans at the team's first public training session of the summer at their Dimaro retreat.

Napoli holding a mystery press conference

Napoli have a press conference scheduled for Thursday involving Aurelio De Laurentiis and Rafa Benitez. This could get interesting.

With improved form, Napoli's retreat is over

Napoli have won its last three games in impressive fashion, so the training retreat has been declared over.

ADL demands focus from Napoli players

Napoli's owner spoke with the club today and told his players that he expects them to give the club their best effort and focus for the rest of the season.

Cavani wants Napoli return - when ADL is gone

A fan favorite is perfectly willing to come back to the club sooner rather than later. He just wants the owner gone first.

AIA chief & ADL wage war of words over Juve match

Remember De Laurentiis' comments after the match on Sunday? Now he's publicly arguing with the head of the AIA over them. That can't possibly go wrong!

ADL not amused with the referees' decisions

Napoli's owner took to Twitter after their match against Juventus and made his thoughts on the referees quite clear.

ADL: "This is the real Derby d'Italia"

Inter fans won't be happy to hear this, but they get to deal with it. Napoli's owner is eager to face Juventus again after winning the Supercoppa, and thinks this matchup is the real national derby.

ADL says Napoli doesn't need Balotelli or Lavezzi

Despite significant rumors linking both players to January moves to Napoli, the club's owner and president says that no such deals will be happening.

ADL confirms incoming transfers, talks finances

Napoli's president essentially confirmed that Manolo Gabbiadini will be signing with Napoli, and spoke of bringing other players in as well.

So sorry, Liverpool fans.

Those looking for a replacement for Brendan Rodgers will need to turn elsewhere.

DeLa rejects talk of selling Napoli

The Napoli owner is none too pleased with supporters, either.

Featured Fanshot

Max Allegri is new Napoli manager

ADL gives Rafa his vote of confidence

Whether or not it's the "dreaded" vote of confidence has yet to be seen.

De Laurentiis breaks his silence and praises Rafa

Aurelio De Laurentiis broke six weeks of silence and used that moment to praise Rafa Benitez for Napoli's recent turnaround.

Who is the man rumored to be buying Napoli?

Napoli have apparently caught the eye of a very rich, very powerful man.

Rumors of a possible sale of Napoli re-emerge

The rumors of a possible sale of the club that ran rampant before Aurelio De Laurentiis left on his trip for America, but despite a firm denial by the club at the time, those rumors have only grown louder since his return.

Report: De Laurentiis considering selling Napoli

According to reports in Italy, Napoli owner and President Aurelio De Laurentiis is headed to America to lay the groundwork for a potential sale of the club.

ADL Claims €100 million Higuain Release Clause

Napoli's president again dismissed talk of Gonzalo Higuain moving to Barcelona, saying the only way they'd get Napoli's striker is to pay his obscenely large release clause.

Papa De Laurentiis Speaks

Napoli's owner and president has arrived at the club's preseason training camp, and ADL being ADL, he had a few things to say.

Aurelio De Laurentiis Confronts A Fan

Tensions were high after the Parma atrocity, and Napoli's owner snapped when one traveling fan got a little too mouthy.

Napoli set to England?

Aurelio De Laurentiis is playing hardball with the Mayor of Naples over the Stadio San Paolo plans. Man, it's fun having a crazy owner, isn't it?

Diego Maradona "Ready" To Manage Napoli

Maradona has declared that he'll take on the manager's job at Napoli as soon as Aurelio de Laurentiis asks him to do it.