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Lorenzo Insigne is back!

The Napoli forward has returned to training at Castel Volturno.

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Exactly three months ago, we got the news that Lorenzo Insigne had suffered a devastating injury. The wee forward had been injured in Napoli's win at Fiorentina, needing to be helped off the pitch. Turned out he'd torn his anterior cruciate ligaments, an injury that normally takes at least six months to recover from.

But this is Lorenzo, a man whose very blood runs Napoli azzurri. He'd just started to re-discover his confidence when he went down with injury. So there was no surprise when we heard that Insigne hoped to be back by February (!) or March.

Sure enough, it's February and he's returned to training. Not alone, either, apparently he's training right alongside everyone else, which is fantastic news.

It also seems that Napoli aren't going to rush him back. Right now, there's no need -- with Manolo Gabbiadini, there's finally enough coverage to give José Callejón a few breaks. Jonathan de Guzmán is decent backup and can handle himself in Europa League, and while Dries Mertens could be performing better, at least he's scoring again.

We'd all love to see Insigne back playing as soon as possible. But these are the sort of injuries that can plague a player for the rest of his life. Look at Giuseppe Rossi. Look at Kevin Strootman, who's already re-injured his knee. Take it slow, Lorenzo. We want you playing in that Napoli shirt for a long time yet.