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Gonzalo Higuain pounces on a goal to make it 1-0 over Genoa

Napoli went up early against Genoa thanks to this lovely effort from Higuain.

Napoli started off very strongly on the front foot against Genoa today, and Gonzalo had a chance to score almost right off the bat, but couldn't strike the ball cleanly enough to get it on target. Seven minutes later, he had no such problem:

It wasn't very good goalkeeping from Mattia Perin to let that ball rebound away - the ball was hard-struck, sure, but he made no effort to smother it despite being in good position to do so. You can't make such mistakes with Higuain buzzing around, a lesson that the young Italian learned to his team's regret.

Napoli have dominated possession early and already have put Genoa's defense under stress several times. This match is shaping up to be quite fun, and with the ease that Higuain has been finding space, he could be good for another goal or two. Hopefully the defense doesn't make it too enjoyable for Genoa, or else this could be a very long day.