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Aurelio De Laurentiis is not amused with the referees' decisions against Juventus

Napoli's owner took to Twitter after their match against Juventus and made his thoughts on the referees quite clear.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Napoli's loss against Juventus hurt, especially because of why. Two horrible refereeing decisions created a two-goal swing in the match, completely flipping the momentum around and sinking any hope Napoli had of finding a way to win. Club owner and president Aurelio De Laurentiis was.... less than amused at the turn of events.

We are tired! Juve are a strong team, but are unbeatable when they're helped by the referees.

It is unacceptable that with six referees they don't see two players offside. It's incompetence or bad faith.

-via Google Translate

Oh, De La. Oh dear. That's... oh boy.

Look, you're mad about the referee's decisions. We get it. They sucked. A lot. It probably cost Napoli the match. But this reaction... it's not great. It makes you look bad, and by extension, it makes the club look bad. And frankly, it won't help Napoli get better referee decisions in the future.

We love it when De Laurentiis gets all worked up and ranty, but there's a time and a place, and that wasn't it. He's also generally a little smarter about the targets he picks and his timing, but passion and emotion got the better of him today. Hopefully De La is a little calmer next time something like this happens, and doesn't take to Twitter quite so readily.