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Napoli to host muscular dystrophy fundraiser

On Sunday when Napoli host Empoli at the San Paolo, the club will also be hosting a fundraiser to help support a local medical research company focused on finding a cure for muscular dystrophy and other genetic diseases.

Sunday in Naples will be about Napoli facing off against Empoli in a Serie A match at the Stadio San Paolo to try to pull closer to Juventus and Roma in the table. Thanks to other efforts from the club, though, that won't be the only thing happening at the San Paolo that day.

Napoli will also be using the match to host a fundraising effort at the San Paolo, working with the Telethon Foundation, a major Italian non-profit group, to raise money to help find cures for muscular dystrophy and other genetic disorders that have plagued the world for decades.

The Azzurri Club, besides having provided an ongoing and consistent campaign which has led to various social commitment to promote relevant actions included Telethon, the Club will devote a special fund-raising center inside the stands of the San Paolo stadium where volunteers will collect donations and they will distribute to the supporters scarves and other special Telethon solidarity items.

On Sunday solidarity will be on the pitch at the San Paolo and this important social event will strengthen the bound between Telethon Foundation and the SSC Napoli together with the all city’s sensibility.

-Source: Napoli official site, with minor edits for clarity

The Telethon Foundation also owns and funds the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, the research arm of their efforts to help people afflicted by muscular dystrophy and other genetic conditions. TIGEM is based in the Naples area, and works closely with several local universities and medical centers to advance their cause.