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Hamsik, wife insulted and abused by fans

A sub-par performance from Marek Hamsik left him and his wife on the receiving end of verbal abuse from some less-than-savory Napoli fans.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Sunday's match was not the best we've seen from Marek Hamsik. He looked flat and low on energy, and it came as little surprise when he was subbed off. He didn't meat the standards we're accustomed to, and with Napoli down two goals they needed to be better in attack.

What was more surprising was the viciousness of the booing, whistling, and jeering Hamsik suffered from upset fans on his way off the pitch. It reached such a fever pitch that it invoked memories of the way Lorenzo Insigne was treated earlier this season, and frankly even more hard to stomach when it's aimed at Marekiaro.

What's even harder to stomach, though, are reports that abuse was also aimed at Hamsik's wife in the stands. Anger at what a player is doing on the pitch is one thing, misplaced thought it might be. Directing that anger at a player's fans and loved ones is taking it way, way over the line.

Yes, Hamsik's been in a slump since the international break. Yes, he hasn't played at quite the standards that we're used to since Rafa Benitez showed up. But he hasn't been half as bad as some fans and members of the media would have you think, and no matter if Hamsik deserves having this aimed at him (he doesn't), there is no way on this earth that his wife has earned the same treatment.

Be better than that, Napoli fans.