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Aurelio De Laurentiis confirms incoming signings, and talks Napoli budget

Napoli's president essentially confirmed that Manolo Gabbiadini will be signing with Napoli, and spoke of bringing other players in as well.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Napoli have an owner who loves to talk about his club and what they're doing, and even in the middle of Italy's winter break he'll find a way to make some headlines.

Much of the headlines around the club lately have had to do with transfers, mainly the prospective signing of Manolo Gabbiadini. Obviously De Laurentiis can't outright say that Gabbiadini will be joining Napoli just yet - after all, he's still under contract with Sampdoria for now - but when speaking to Radio Kiss Kiss recently, he talked around the idea pretty thoroughly and left little doubt as to what would happen:

"I have a very bad habit, we are always the last to announce the players we buy. Only when I sign the contracts do I call journalists and warn them of the purchase, but they always tell me that already know it! As long as there are no signatures I can not confirm anything. Gabbiadini is a [Sampdoria player], their people are very strong and have an incredible sense of ethics."

-Source: Corriere Dello Sport

Some have been speculating and wondering lately as to why we haven't heard more about Gabbiadini's signing, thinking perhaps things have fallen through because Gabbiadini and others have been speaking rather vaguely about it. That's (almost) certainly not the case; the deal is essentially done, but no more can be done or said on an official level until the transfer window opens in January.

Of course, De Laurentiis doesn't do vague well, or patience for that matter, as he immediately followed up talking about Gabbiadini by saying that there's a player from Bergamo (a.k.a. Sampdoria) that Napoli were simply missing signatures on in order to complete the deal. So there's that. What also interesting is that De Laurentiis said that the first signing would "not be the only shot," meaning that there will be more players to come this January.

There's already a strong belief that Croatian fullback Ivan Strinic is coming on a free transfer, but it felt as though ADL meant more than even just the second addition. Some may wonder how Napoli could spend money this window after not being able to spend much in the summer, especially after losing out on the Champions League, but thanks to a newly-approved budget (that our friends at Napoli Outsider outlined very well), there's some money to work with that will let Napoli bring players in without putting themselves at risk from a Financial Fair Play perspective.

Speaking of FFP, ADL had some things to say there as well:

"We have [achieved] so much, but it is complex to compete with a third of the budget of our competitors: beyond the enthusiasms and depressions there is a middle ground, I think we worked hard getting good results and we have been respectful of the law following the directions of UEFA. Now I want to see those who have not done what it will have."

That last remark is pointedly aimed at Roma and Inter, two sides in Italy currently under investigation by UEFA for potential FFP violations. They've tried to spend their way back to relevancy, where ADL and Napoli are trying to build their way to it and create a more sustainable success.

So: Gabbiadini in, Strinic and others probably in, and ADL has some money now and wants everyone else to play nice financially too. Nice little post-Christmas starting point, don't you think?