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Aurelio De Laurentiis makes it clear he's not selling Napoli

The Napoli owner is none too pleased with supporters, either.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

No, Napoli will not be sold off to the highest bidder, insists owner Aurelio De Lauretiis. The entirety of TuttoSport Napoli, it seems, is dedicated to ensure that fans understand that De Laurentiis is standing firm in his ownership of the club -- and that he's none too happy with those same fans.

Speaking to the media after the presentation of his Christmas movie (incidentally, where can I find this Christmas movie and could it be as insane as a Napoli calendar?) De Laurentiis took the time to set a few things straight. First, of course, was squishing the idea that rich exotic oil or other such tycoons were about to step in, rescue Napoli and buy an entirely new backline as well as a decent vice-José Callejón.

Aurelio also took the time to reprimand the fans for their behavior over the past few months. He's basically accusing the Napoli supporters of being fairweather fans, of supporting the team when it was strong but now not turning up, of abandoning the side when those fans are most needed. He's appealing to the supporters to return to the San Paolo, to support the team, particularly in its Europa League run.

Finally, De Laurentiis informed the media, the fans, the world that he's sticking by Rafa Benítez, which deserves a post on its own.