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Watch: Lorenzo Insigne's goal and joy against Torino

Lorenzo Insigne finally scored today, and... man, was it special.

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It's been a rough season for Lorenzo Insigne. The fans have been all over the Napoli attacker since the World Cup, his confidence has taken blow after blow, and his performances on the pitch have suffered as a result.

Today looked to be more of the same. After taking a layoff from Gonzalo Higuain on a two-on-one break in the first half, he had the goal at his mercy but managed to hit the post instead of scoring. Later in the half, he was one-on-one with Jean-Francois Gillet, but when the keeper committed to blocking low, Insigne fired straight in to him instead of lobbing the ball in to the empty net.

Then came the second half. Then Camilo Zuniga sent in that cross. Then Insigne fired off that header. Then the ball banged in off the far post past Gillet's reach, and Insigne wheeled away with relief and joy etched all over his face, and tears of happiness in his eyes.

It was a special moment for Insigne, and you could almost see the weight of everything that's happened this season coming off his shoulders. His performance improved the rest of the match as he let himself cut loose more, and hopefully today will just be a taste of things to come the rest of this season.

Even as much as we love Insigne, things have been pretty brutal for him for awhile now, and after he messed up his second chance in the first half, we vocalized our doubts:

But not many people were more excited than us when he scored:

Seriously, it was a hell of a moment, especially seeing the tears on his face. Relive the goal and part of his celebration by watching the video: