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Napoli Tactical Talk

How Napoli can come back and beat Real Madrid

Napoli have a tough road ahead in the Champions League, but it’s not insurmountable.

Have Napoli rebooted themselves or were Inter just that bad?

The old free flowing Napoli came out to play last night, but where had it been hiding for the past two months?

In search of a settled defensive partnership

With five solid center backs at the club we take a look at who might be the best duo in the years to come.

It's desperation time for Napoli

Napoli still control their destiny in the league, but there is no room for error.

Now is the time for Gabbiadini to seize his chance

This is the opportunity the striker has waited all season for.

Higuain will play key role as Napoli battle Juventus

Higuain is going to be the focal point of Napoli's hopes to beat Juventus this weekend.

Napoli's surge anchored by strong defense

Everyone is busy heaping praise on Napoli's attack for their surge to the top of Serie A, but it's the defense doing a lot of the work.

Napoli's little-used depth was key to big win

Several players who came into the side were vital in Thursday's decimation of Midtjylland.

Sarri brings new tactical look to Napoli

Napoli's new manager brings a whole new tactical mindset and perhaps a new formation as well. How will the partenopei look under their new boss?

Napoli boss Benitez's choices befuddle fans again

Napoli have hit their season low point, and played their biggest match without their captain. We aren't quite sure why.

Strinic enjoys strong debut against Lazio

The Croatian left back had a memorable debut for his new club as Napoli beat Lazio.

The Lopez-Gargano midfield must end

The new favorite midfield pairing of Rafa Benitez is not one that's good for Napoli.

Napoli have problems but Rafael is not one of them

Despite unceasing criticism from local media and parts of the fanbase, Rafael Cabral is actually one of Napoli's best players.

Signing Gabbiadini is pricey, but a smart move

A transfer fee that could rise as high as €13 million is a steep cost for a January transfer, but making such a move would be smart for Napoli on several levels.

De Guzman likely to start against Cagliari

With Dries Mertens ruled out for this weekend and Lorenzo Insigne basically out for the season, it looks like Jonathan De Guzman is going to be the first man up to try and fill their shoes.

Watch: Insigne's goal and joy against Torino

Lorenzo Insigne finally scored today, and... man, was it special.

Watch: Jose Callejon's big goal against Sassuolo

Napoli had a big moment against Sassuolo when Jose Callejon finished off a well-worked move to put the partenopei up 1-0 over Sassuolo in what proved to be the winning goal. It was a tally well worth revisiting.

Rafa is delusional

It's one thing to display confidence and assuredness in a post-match press conference after a loss, but Rafa Benitez is taking this one a little too far.

What's happened to Christian Maggio?

Two years ago, Chrisitan Maggio was one of the best right backs in Italy. Now he's a liability more often than not. What on earth happened?

Rafa finds the Chievo loss hard to explain

Apparently explaining that your side was very poor against a side they should have thrashed is difficult. Who knew?

Dries Mertens must start against Athletic Bilbao

Let's make no bones about this: if Napoli want to win their Champions League Playoff tie, then their Belgian winger absolutely must start this match.

Rafa sees Zuniga as more than just a wing back

We already know he can play on either side of the back line, but can Camilo Zuniga do more than that? Rafa Benitez thinks so.


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