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Britos out against Young Boys with muscle strain

The muscle injury that Miguel Britos suffered early against Inter Milan will keep the defender out for at least one match.

Giuseppe Bellini

Napoli will be down a defender on Thursday when they travel to Switzerland to take on BSC Young Boys. Miguel Britos will be left home, as the muscle strain he suffered early in the match on Sunday against Inter Milan will force him to miss at least one match.

The injury was suffered less than ten minutes in to the match, and despite the trainers asking for a substitution, Britos waved them off and stayed in the match until being subbed out in the 74th minute, While many have called him "brave" and "tough" for gutting things out through the pain, the better word would be "stupid," because running on a muscle pull is a good way to make it a lot worse than it would have been otherwise.

It's likely that Faouzi Ghoulam will start in Britos' place at left back on Thursday, as well as in any future starts that will require coverage. The exact extent of Britos' injury hasn't been made public yet, but it seems relatively doubtful that he'll be fit to play on Sunday against Hellas Verona either if he's already been deemed incapable of playing on Thursday.

Britos has played seven times this season, with three starts in Serie A and two in the Europa League. Despite his regular selection, it's hard to say that he's played well, as he's been at least partially responsible for a number of goals this season, and his lack of mobility has cost Napoli repeatedly, especially when he's been played at left back.