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Young Boys 2, Napoli 0: Player ratings and criticisms

That match sucked, and so did too many Napoli players.

Why is Michu even playing? He's been so bad. SO BAD.
Why is Michu even playing? He's been so bad. SO BAD.
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No beating around the bush on this one: this was probably Napoli's worst team performance of the season. Young Boys didn't play well outside of a stellar performance from their goalkeeper. They didn't even play great defense for much of the match. Napoli still managed to play worse, and two horrific breakdowns cost them the match.

Rafael Cabral - 6 - Napoli shipped two goals, but neither can be put on Rafael's shoulders. He rightly had gone to his left to defend against where it looked like the shot would come from, and was coming back to his right after the deflection kicked the ball out to Hoarau. Rafael might have had a chance if Henrique hadn't screened him from seeing the shot. On the second, Rafael didn't stand a chance. In a one-on-one breakaway like that, all a keeper can do is get close, get big, and pray that the lob goes wide. He did what he could, but the lob was on target.

Christian Maggio - 3 - Decent defensively, but a hot mess in attack. Most notably, when Maggio actually got behind the Young Boys defense once in the first half and got picked out by a pass, his shot was so far off-target Young Boys' keeper didn't even react to it. Extra points taken off for his incredibly unprofessional move of shoving Young Boys' manager after the two exchanged words in the second half. Maggio was lucky to stay on the pitch after that.

Henrique Buss - 4 - His usual awful positioning gave Young Boys too many chances, and when he left Hoarau alone in the box to wander down to the six-yard box, it cost Napoli the opening goal.

Raul Albiol - 5 - Had a miserable time trying to mark Horau in the first half, and wasn't much better at anything in the second half. Albiol continues to look a step off the pace. At this point, it may not just be fatigue.

Faouzi Ghoulam - 5 - Looked rusty (gee, I wonder why?). Decent in defense, decent in attack, but not terribly inspiring today.

Gokhan Inler - 4 - Stunningly mediocre all match long, then made the mistake that gifted Young Boys their second goal. It's past time that Inler ride the bench for awhile.

Jorginho - 7 - Best thing on the pitch from Napoli today. Assured passing, good defensive work, and a calm presence in midfield. Jorginho definitely looked healthy and ready to rock. Taking him off for Callejon instead of, say, De Guzman or Inler was a mistake.

Jonathan De Guzman - 4 - Barely involved aside from one shot on target in the first half. When he did see the ball, it seemed like he turned it over more often than doing anything useful with it, and didn't do much in defense.

Michu - 3 - Was he even on the pitch? Hamsik did more at both ends of the pitch in his first two minutes than Michu did in an hour.

Dries Mertens - 6 - Mertens had a very rough start to the match where he looked out of sync, but once he got things figured out he was... better. Not great, but better. A few boneheaded miscues in the second half kept this rating from being higher.

Duvan Zapata - 5 - Zapata was isolated up top a lot of the time, but his finish and distribution just weren't up to the standard he usually displays.


Marek Hamsik - 7 - To the surprise of no one, Napoli's attack was much more sharp and dangerous after Hamsik came on. Had a couple of good chances, but couldn't convert a goal.

Jose Callejon - 5 - Also made a big impact after coming on, but was offside a LOT. That cost Napoli one goal directly, killed a great chance at another, and forced several attacks to redirect as Hamsik and Mertens looked to him and saw him way behind the defense.

Gonzalo Higuain - 4 - Didn't have a lot of time on the pitch thanks to how long it took Rafa to put him on, but... wow was he bad. Several bad touches, poor passing, everything just looked BAD from Higuain after he came on.

No man of the match poll today. Frankly, no one was worth consideration except maybe Jorginho.