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Could this be true - Napoli actually linked to a left back?

Rumors suggest Napoli have made a bid for Sevilla defender Alberto Moreno.

David Ramos

Here are a few things Napoli fans know to be true:

  • Pablo Armero isn't cutting it at left back
  • Anthony Réveillère is not an acceptable substitute in that position
  • Camilo Zúñiga can't get healthy fast enough

While the partenopei certainly could use at least one center back, it's safe to say that left back is, at present, the weakest position on the pitch. That's why it's so frustrating to see the club linked, again and again, with attacking midfielders, forwards, or even more central midfielders. Do those in charge not have eyes?

To be fair, Rafa Benítez, Riccardo Bigon and others at the top almost certainly can see what's going wrong at Napoli. It's likely difficult to bring in a decent left back in January. It's possible they've got a player lined up for the start of the season, and so are going to continue to use band-aids to try and stop the bleeding until May. But that doesn't make it any less frustrating for the rest of us.

That's why it's really exciting to see a link connecting Napoli to Sevilla left back Alberto Moreno. The 21 year old has spent his entire career with Los Palanganas*, getting his first start with the senior side in April 2012 and spending half of last season there. He's played for Spain U-21 and now has a couple caps for the senior side.

He'd be a good fit for Napoli's squad, as his 5'7" height puts him right up there with Dries Mertens and Lorenzo Insigne. Moreno's stature means he's not so good with stuff like, say, tackling. Or winning headers. But he's able to get the ball off the opposition anyway, and, like Mertens and Insigne, is quite good with it at his feet.

It's rumored that Napoli have put in a €12M bid. Now it's time to cross fingers, sit back and hope it goes through. Can you see any objections to bringing Moreno in?

*This may not be Sevilla's most used nickname. I don't care. The bathtubs!