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Official: Jorginho Signs For Napoli

The transfer of Jorginho from Hellas Verona to Napoli has been finalized.

Higuain has a new face to give him service.
Higuain has a new face to give him service.
Dino Panato

While Rafa Benitez spoke about the transfer earlier during his pre-Bologna press conference, the deal to bring Jorginho to Napoli wasn't quite fully complete yet. Now, however, it is, with the club itself tweeting out the confirmation:

So now Napoli officially have themselves another midfielder. As we discussed yesterday, the deal is believed to be for €5.5 million for a co-ownership arrangement. That means Napoli will have to pay more in the summer to fully secure his services, but that will likely be more of a formality than anything.

This signing will bring a new dynamic to Napoli's midfield, adding another creative spark to the side from a deeper position than we've typically seen this season. We'll be back later on with a full profile of Jorginho to give fans a taste of what Napoli have gotten themselves.