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Mercato Madness: Jorginho rumors heat up

After Napoli beat Verona on Sunday afternoon, rumors of Jorginho coming to Naples are once again getting plenty of attention.

Marco Luzzani

It seems like the Jorginho to Napoli rumors have been buzzing about since the season started, but after yesterday's win over Hellas Verona, the stories are gathering steam. And according to Il Mattino, the deal is pretty much done. Only the signatures are needed to close a deal of €7.5m, plus bonuses.

The attraction of Jorginho is obvious. He's a young central midfielder whose best trait is his passing. He's able to snatch the ball from the other side and start the attack flowing for Verona. He's also got seven goals and three assists this season, which is certainly noting to sneeze at.

Yet he's not what Napoli need. With Valon Berhami out for at least a couple months, the partenopei are in much more need of a destroyer, someone to protect the backline and pick up the slack. That's not Jorginho. He's not a great tackler and isn't going to throw himself into the dirty work of ensuring the defense isn't getting overwhelmed by the opposition's attack. And hey...there seem to be a few other players on this Napoli side that can pass a ball with more than a little skill.

Thoughts? Is it worth picking up the midfielder? Will it affect other potential transfers?