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Napoli suffer Behrami injury blow

Enrico Locci

Bad news on the midfield front. With Napoli already in need of reinforcements this window, the situation now looks even more critical: Valon Behrami will miss the next two months after breaking his ankle in a training session.

Despite running out of steam in the buildup to the winter break, Behrami has been the team's most influential midfielder so far this season, and losing him for any sort of time is bad news. Although the 'two month' diagnosis is fairly vague, the 28-year-old looks like he'll be missing for the key home match against Roma in early March. And that's bad.

The positive side of the news is that it's happening with the transfer window open. Napoli have already been rumoured to be in pursuit of midfield help, and Behrami's injury means that search will now intensify.