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Eduardo Vargas hits a bullet header to equalize for Chile against Mexico

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Some people think that Napoli shouldn't give Eduardo Vargas another chance now that his latest loan is over and done. Those people could not be more wrong.

That's Vargas scoring for Chile in the Copa America for the second time in two games, this time an equalizer against Mexico. That header off Arturo Vidal's cross is just whipped in, and Jose Corona had no chance of saving it for Mexico. The defending was bad, sure, but Vargas did exactly what he needed to by finding and occupying the empty space El Tri left when they homed in on Alexis Sanchez and Vidal's run.

Vargas is a Napoli player again after his loan at Queens Park Rangers ran out, and even though he struggled in England last season as part of a very, very bad team, his talent is undeniable and he deserves another shot at the San Paolo if Maurizio Sarri can find a place for him in his side.