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Gonzalo Higuain scores in the first minute against Inter Milan

It didn't take Napoli long at all to get the lead in their battle for first place against Inter.

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Napoli needed to get off to a fast start against Inter Milan to make sure that they had as good a chance at upending the current first place holders and taking that seat for themselves. A fast start is exactly what they got, thanks to who else but Gonzalo Higuain, who scored just over a minute into the match.

That cross-field ball from Lorenzo Insigne disrupted and wrong-footed the entire Inter defense, forcing a poor clearance that Jose Callejon pounced on and put back in to Higuain's feet. That cross-body shot is not one for the faint of heart, but Higuain made it look easy.

This team is so much fun, you guys.

(h/t to Camaradona of r/soccer)