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Scouting Duvan Zapata

Napoli fans have been loving the successes of their Colombian striker this season, but still don't quite know what makes him tick. Let's fix that, shall we?

Napoli 2, Sassuolo 0: Player ratings and MotM poll

"This is Napoli" video is a must-watch

Football video producers Copa90 turned their attention to Napoli and showed the world just how profound the connection between Naples and its club is.

Parma's collapse is too familiar for comfort

As Parma's financial situation seems to get uglier every day, many Napoli fans will find their downward spiral a little too familiar.

Trabzonspor 0 Napoli 4: Player ratings & MotM poll

Napoli put together a stellar team performance, but who stood out on an individual level?

Getting to know Trabzonspor

Most Napoli fans probably don't know much about their Europa League opponents. We're here to help.

Palermo 3, Napoli 1: Player ratings and MotM poll

That match sucked and most of Napoli's players sucked right along with it. Who sucked the least, though?

Napoli 3, Udinese 1: Player ratings and MotM poll

Napoli thrashed Udinese today to keep their run going with style. Who stood out from the pack?

Can Napoli afford to lose Rafa Benitez?

Rafa's contract situation should be "clear" in two to three months. Of course, two to three months is the end of the season, so that doesn't exactly bode well.

Napoli 1, Inter 0: Player ratings and MotM poll

Who was Napoli's best player on the day as they overcame Inter Milan and won in the Coppa Italia?

Napoli Transfer Window Roundup

It wasn't a sexy transfer window for Napoli, but it did a lot of good for the club.

Chievo 1, Napoli 2: Player ratings and MotM poll

Some players really struggled today in Verona, but there were a few great performances as well. Who was Napoli's top performer?

Thank you, Gianluca

Napoli's former captain and rock in defense is still with the club, and celebrated his 10-year anniversary in Naples this past weekend. For that and more, we thank him.

Napoli 2, Genoa 1: Player ratings and MotM poll

This match was incredibly ugly at times, but there were still several performances of note by Napoli players.

Napoli crack top 20 in Deloitte money table

Income and financial gains are more important than ever in football these days, and for the first time Napoli brought in enough money to break in to the top 20 earners among world football teams.

Napoli 2, Udinese 2: Player ratings and MotM poll

For a second match in a row, the performance wasn't impressive, but it got the job done. Who was Napoli's best player on the day?

Lazio 0, Napoli 1: Player ratings and MotM poll

Strinic enjoys strong debut against Lazio

The Croatian left back had a memorable debut for his new club as Napoli beat Lazio.

The Lopez-Gargano midfield must end

The new favorite midfield pairing of Rafa Benitez is not one that's good for Napoli.

Napoli 1, Juventus 3: Player ratings & MotM poll

Napoli lost, and that sucked, but there were a few good individual performers regardless.

Rival Q&A with Juventus blog BWRAO

Danny Penza from our sister SBN blog Black & White & Read All Over answers some questions for us ahead of Napoli's big match against the Old Lady.

Cesena 1, Napoli 4: Player Ratings and MotM poll

Napoli got the new year started off right, but which player had the best day?

Transfer Scouting: Manolo Gabbiadini

What's this? A new attacker for Napoli's squad? And a good one at that? What a concept!

Transfer Scouting: Ivan Strinic

Napoli have themselves a new fullback, though he may be one that not many fans are familiar with. Never fear, for Transfer Scouting is here!

Who was Napoli's Player of the Half-Season?

Several players have stepped up in a big way in the first half of the season. Who was the best?

We look back on 2014 at The Siren's Song

The end of the year is upon us, so we're taking a look back at some of our best and favorite stories of the year gone by.

Season's greetings from The Siren's Song

It's been a wonderful year. We hope the holidays find all of you healthy and happy.

Supercoppa Italiana player ratings and MotM poll

Napoli put in a performance to remember against Juventus in the Supercoppa, lifting the trophy after two big equalizers and a dramatic penalty shootout. Who stood apart from the rest to be crowned man of the match?

Napoli 2, Parma 0: Player ratings and MotM poll

A smart and composed performance from Napoli saw them beat Parma with little resistance. What players stood out from the pack?

Previewing Napoli's Europa League draw

It's almost time to draw the Europa League knockout rounds. Who could Napoli face in the round of 32?

Napoli have problems but Rafael is not one of them

Despite unceasing criticism from local media and parts of the fanbase, Rafael Cabral is actually one of Napoli's best players.

Napoli 3, Slovan 0: Player ratings and MotM poll

Napoli absolutely dominated the run of play today, and several players put in top-notch performances.