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This illustration of Marek Hamsik's goal against Russia shows you just how awesome it was

Kudos to Chris Moran for making an incredible goal even better.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Fans of Napoli and Slovakia were treated to an absolutely fantastic goal from Marek Hamsik on Wednesday, a goal that wound up being the winner for his country over Russia. It was an absolutely jaw-dropping strike, swerving through traffic to bang off the far post and back in off the near-side netting. Making it better, illustrator Chris Moran gave us a gorgeous top-down look at how he scored it.

If anything, that view helps illustrate just how amazing a goal it was. That strike, through traffic, from that kind of angle? Sweet mother of Maradona, that's impressive.

Of course, you can also always enjoy a video of the goal itself, because DANG son, you get yours Marek. You. Get. Yours.

I could watch that goal all day.