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Gonzalo Higuain scores record-setting 30th Serie A goal

Napoli have a new single-season scoring record holder.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Trailing 1-0 to Udinese midway through the first half of the match, Napoli needed someone to step up in a big way -- and who else would it be but Gonzalo Higuain to score a massive, record-breaking goal.

It's a sublime strike, stepping up onto a tricky rebound -- the ball came straight to Higuain, but its pace was dying fast, so was hard to judge where to strike -- and finishing it perfectly to leave Karnezis helpless in goal. It's also a milestone goal for Higuain, scoring his 30th Serie A goal of the season to surpass the 29 goals scored by Edinson Cavani in his final season for the partenopei to set a new club single-season scoring record. It was also his 65th Serie A goal in his career, in his 100th league appearance for Napoli. Not bad, Gonzalo. Not bad at all.

It was a special moment, but one muted by the situation of the game. Hopefully Napoli have more to celebrate soon.