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Dries Mertens makes it 3-0 over Bologna with wonderful finish

If only he did this more often.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

While a 2-0 lead is nice, a 3-0 lead is even better, so Napoli were hunting for that third goal over Bologna in the second half. Enter Dries Mertens, and oh good lord what a finish this is.

Seriously, though, how did he get that in? Not only did he first have to completely and utterly embarrass two defenders with his footwork to get open for the shot, the angle was so tight the shot was difficult at best. In the end, he went with the creative "bank it in off the keeper's legs" method, which just raised his "Bologna players emabarrassed in one play" count to three.

Not bad, Dries. Not bad at all.