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Manolo Gabbiadini gives Napoli an early lead with neat finish

God was that ever needed.

Too often of late we've seen Napoli give up an early goal and then have to fight their way back into the lead. Well, this time not only did they not cede that early lead to Bologna, they actually scored early themselves -- and fairly impressively at that.

That's a wonderfully nice move and finish from Manolo Gabbiadini to get that goal, and it's even a little reminiscent of Gonzalo Higuain in how he rounded the defender and put himself into a position to receive the ball where the defender had no chance at it. One neat and tidy finish later, boom, 1-0 lead.

This is the exact start that both Napoli and Gabbiadini needed in this match, especially after how miserable things were against Inter. Now we have to hope they can keep this up -- both in this match and next weekend against Roma.