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Watch as Lorenzo Insigne scores for Italy against Spain

The Napoli forward came on as a substitute and quickly scored his second career international goal.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Lorenzo Insigne may not have started for Italy against Spain in Udine, but he came on at the 50 minute mark and made an immediate impact. Continually harassing the Spanish defense, it was only a matter of time before one of his tries at scoring came good -- and it was so good when it did.

Credit: user papa_poncho on r/soccer

That counter was gorgeous, but look at that run Insigne made. As soon as the defender turned his attention, the Little General peeled away and took off for goal, leaving no Spanish defender in position to deal with him. It was perfectly executed, and if anything the goal was just the logical conclusion of what he did, rather than an exclamation mark of any kind.

It was just a continuation of Insigne's excellent play after coming onto the pitch, and he would continue playing extremely well after the goal as well. In what may have been his last chance to convince Antonio Conte to include him as a key part of the Italy squad in Euro 2016, it sure looks like he rose to the occasion and got the job done.