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Gonzalo Higuain scores fast equalizer against Fiorentina

It wasn't even a minute after going down before Napoli responded.

Napoli had gone down a goal early to Fiorentina thanks to some shoddy defending on a corner kick, but they pushed hard right off their next possession and it paid dividends in a big way.

Credit: user papa_poncho on r/soccer

That deep ball over the top from Kalidou Koulibaly caught Fiorentina off-guard in a big way, and Marcos Alonso's poor clearance went straight to Gonzalo Higuain, who made no mistake in slotting the ball home from outside the box. It was particularly amusing that Alonso was the one setting up Napoli's goal like that, because he was the one who scored for Fiorentina not 45 seconds before. Good stuff.