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Lorenzo Insigne scores world-class goal from outside the box

This goal made me actually scream in joy.

SSC Napoli v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Napoli needed a goal as the half hour mark approached against Fiorentina on Thursday. Lorenzo Insigne had started the match in absolutely blistering form, but hadn’t found a way through yet — but when he did, he made it count.

We’ll give you a minute to collect your jaws from the floor.

There’s some potential for offsides there — though it does look like he gets held on by one of the Fiorentina defenders on the other side of the pitch — but good LORD that is just a phenomenal goal. There’s nothing that can be said about it other than to laugh manically because it’s that good.

OK, there’s one thing to say about it: this is the Lorenzo Insigne we know and love and think can be a star. We don’t consistently see this side of him, but when we do it tends to stick around for awhile, and he play phenomenally well throughout it. If this performance and that goal are a sign of what’s to come after the break, this is a damn good thing to see for Napoli.