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Lorenzo Insigne scores goal on tremendous half-volley lob

It's early, but this might wind up as Napoli's best goal of 2016.

Napoli were running rampant over Torino in the early goings, but 15 minutes into the match they'd failed to score from their myriad of chances. That was until Lorenzo Insigne had his say.

That. Is. AMAZING. Taking that ball at hip level on a half-volley like that and lobbing the keeper is just  ... it's just ... I really have no words. It's unfair. It's a sure-fire Goal of the Season contender. Oh, and nice assist there, Jose Callejon. Don't think we don't see that.

The goal was also important for Napoli's momentum in the match -- too often this season we've seen them have these spells of dominance where nothing comes of it. That goal will help settle their nerves and get things rolling in the right direction, giving them the confidence to go out and really hammer Torino.