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Vote for Elseid Hysaj as best right back in Serie A

Elseid Hysaj is up for a vote to declare the best right back of the season so far. Let's help him out.

Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Votes for "best player at X position" are always kind of silly and of marginal value, especially halfway through the season. You know what else they are, though? Fun. They're fun. So when Calciomercato started a vote for the best right back in Serie A so far this season, we just had to campaign for the wildly under-appreciated Elseid Hysaj.

UPDATE: We did it! He won the vote, winning the Twitter vote by a relatively slim margin -- at least compared to how he ran away with the online poll.

Hysaj joined Napoli from Empoli this summer and was seen as a project. A promising one, make no mistake, but a project nonetheless. Instead, he's started every league match this season and has been excellent for his new team, playing at a level far above his 21 years.

He started the season a little rough playing at his less-apt left back position, but once he moved back to his natural right side he played extremely well. He's made a few mistakes now and then, but by and large Hysaj has kept the right side of the pitch on lockdown for Napoli, something that's been a pleasant and welcome surprise.

As of the time of this writing, Hysaj was leading both the Twitter and website polls. Hit up the tweet below to vote #TeamHysaj, and go here to vote online.