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Napoli unveil new 2016/17 home kit from Kappa

Well ... it's blue.

Napoli have finally revealed their new home kits for the 2016-17 season, and this season's offering from Kappa are on display for all to see and judge. The new "Kombat Skin" shirts were unveiled in a press conference on Friday morning, including a dramatic video package reveal.

The kit features the existing two sponsors of Lete and Garofalo, the latter of which extended their sponsorship deal through next season and now has a slightly redesigned logo to appear more in line with the Lete sponsorship. There's also been a third sponsor added: Kimbo Coffee, which appears at the small of the back on the shirt. Some fans will complain about that, but until Napoli can pull a huge-money main shirt sponsor, they need the extra income -- and they're far from the first team to put a sponsor on the back of their shirt at this point.

As far as the appearance itself, it's... fine. It's nothing special. It's the right shade of blue, which is nice, but otherwise there's nothing special or notable of even terribly interesting about it. Kappa throws around terms like "No Seam Technology" and promises things like greater freedom of movement, but in the end this looks more like a simple t-shirt with some logos on it than it does

But then, it's a Kappa shirt. Hard to expect much more. Last year's shirts were better, though, if only for the fact that they tried to do something with it.

The shirt is already available for sale from Napoli themselves, and should reach additional points of sale soon.