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Coppa Italia draw sets up potential semifinal match for Napoli and Juventus

The Coppa Italia has been drawn, and it has the potential for a number of fun matches.

Warren Little/Getty Images

The draw has been made for the Coppa Italia that will take place in this upcoming season, and with it brings the opportunity for Napoli to win the competition once more -- and the opportunity for them to get one over on their rivals.

As one of the eight best teams in Italy, Napoli will enter the competition in the round of 16, with Palermo and Udinese as the two most likely teams to make it that far in their part of the bracket and face them. That's not the highlight of things for Napoli, because if they win their first two Coppa matches, a much bigger game awaits -- they're on the same side of the bracket as Juventus, Napoli's biggest rival and the team they beat in the Supercoppa two seasons ago.

The results of the draw can be found here, along with the full bracket with all the potential matchups to be found, including that tasty potential semifinal against Juventus -- and Napoli's potential quarterfinal bout with Fiorentina, who they beat to win the 2014 Coppa, and the potential of a final tilt with Inter Milan, who knocked Napoli out of the Coppa early last season.

Napoli's first match in the Coppa will be on either January 11th or 18th, but the first qualification matches will take place on July 31st.