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Slovakia manager thinks that Marek Hamsik should leave Napoli

We think that he should shut up.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Marek Hamsik had an incredible performance for Slovakia, leading his country to a massively important 2-1 win over Russia in Euro 2016, with an assist and this absolutely outrageous goal to his name.

That is an absolutely outstanding goal, and the kind of thing Napoli fans are well used to seeing from Hamsik -- and something Slovakia manager Jan Kozak wants to see him do elsewhere, telling reporters that he thinks Hamsik should be at a "bigger club" than Napoli.

Because yes, that's exactly what an international manager should be doing. "Hey, my star player just had a great performance and helped his team do something amazing, but screw the club that put him in this position!" Great stuff, that. Absolutely fantastic. Wait, no, that makes Jan Kozak an asshole. Yeah, that's the one. An asshole.

While Kozak and Mino Raiola are always talking about getting Hamsik a move to one of the titans of Europe, Hamsik himself has never shown any interest in or intention of leaving Napoli. He's beloved in Naples, an icon of the city, and he's shown time and again that he knows how important he is to the fans and how important they are to him. From charity efforts in the city to playing football in the streets with children to just being a part of Naples, Hamsik has demonstrated over an over that this is his team and his city and he'll only leave when het hinks it's time -- and that's not any time soon.

And if his international manager thinks otherwise, well that's just too damn bad and he should keep his opinions on club matters to himself. Focus on the fact that Hamsik is carrying the Slovakia national team on his back instead.