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Sarri suspended 1 game, Higuain 4 while Napoli plan appeal

This is a mess.

Dino Panato/Getty Images

Gonzalo Higuain has officially been handed the four match suspension that was reported earlier along with a €20,000 fine, and Maurizio Sarri has been suspended one match as well for his actions in getting sent off earlier in the match. Napoli for their part plan to appeal the suspensions, and sound unhappy that they were even given in the first place.

Napoli will appeal against the suspension of Gonzalo Higuain and Maurizio Sarri, because it considers them unjust and excessive.


"Unjust and excessive" is certainly quite a shot to take at the Lega Serie A disciplinary board, but to be honest it's hard to agree with the club on this one. Higuain's post-red-card meltdown easily warrants the punishment handed down, and it's hard to see the board changing their stance on it at all.

The official word is that Higuain was banned one game for earning a second yellow card, plus one for "protesting against the match officials" -- also known as his screaming tirade in the face of referee Massimiliano Irrati -- plus one for "misconduct against an opponent" for his kick to an Udinese player. The fourth match comes from from the push to Irrati, which the referee characterized as "light" -- apparently Higuain's ban could have been as long as ten matches without him saying that. At best, Higuain's suspension might be reduced to one game, though that would allow him to play against Roma, something that would be good for Napoli.

For Sarri's part, he was suspended for "blatantly challenging the actions of the match officials," including apparently telling them that they should be ashamed of themselves before being sent to the stands in the first half. His outburst came two penalties and several odd refereeing decisions into the match, so his frustrations were understandable -- but as this is his fourth sending off of the season, it's not surprising to see the league take action against him. Given that, it's tough to see his suspension being overturned on appeal.

Napoli will also be without Kalidou Koulibaly and Dries Mertens for this weekend's match against Hellas Verona as both picked up suspensions for yellow card accumulation.