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Gonzalo Higuain appeal hearing set for Friday

We'll know for certain just how long Higuain will be out in just a few days.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Napoli fans will be eager to know the fate of Gonzalo Higuain's suspension appeal to know if he has to serve all four games, or if he'll get his ban reduced as hoped. They'll have to wait a little longer to hear the result, though -- the hearing to decide the outcome of the suspension will be held on April 15th.

The formal submission of the appeal of Higuain's four-game suspension will be on Wednesday, and the Argentine apparently intendeds on attending the hearing himself in order to give his side of the events in the Udinese match that lead to his meltdown that got him suspended. Whether or not that will impact the judge's decision as to whether or not he shortens the striker's suspension or not is unknown, but just the fact that Higuain will be at the hearing when most players just send a lawyer or their agent is fairly interesting.

Napoli are hoping to get Higuain's banned dropped to two games, of which he has already served one. Even a reduction to three games would be good news for Napoli, as it would leave Higuain available for their crucial match against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico in two weeks' time. With Napoli's title hopes thin at best and their need to hold onto second place desperate -- even with Roma dropping two points against Bologna on Monday -- they need all the strength they can muster for that match.

At least Manolo Gabbiadini is doing well in the meantime, right?