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Lorenzo Insigne reportedly robbed in Naples

The Little General is the latest Napoli player to fall victim of street crime in Naples.

Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Saturday night was not a good one for Lorenzo Insigne, as he, his wife, and several friends were reportedly robbed at gunpoint in Naples.

The attack, which happened in the Vomero district -- a historical and heavily urbanized region of central Naples -- cost the Napoli forward his wallet and other valuables, not to mention the terror of having a gun shoved in his face. The cost of the robbery to Insigne has not been mentioned as of yet, but thankfully no injuries have been reported.

Frankly, the fact that it happened at all is ridiculous and sad. Yes, crime happens everywhere, and neither Italy nor Naples are particularly immune to that fact. But Napoli players are continuously and repeatedly targeted in these robberies -- Marek Hamsik has been robbed multiple times, Duvan Zapata and Camilo Zuniga were robbed at gunpoint last year, and a litany of others have been forced to give up their valuables, not to mention several home invasions over the years.

It's clear that there's a target on Napoli players' backs in the city, and it's surely a coincidence that these attacks only happen when the team is in poor form, as they are now. It's as though the criminal element of the city is unleashing their frustration with the team on the players themselves, which is unfair and unproductive and frankly insane.

Cut this crap out, Naples. These people are doing everything they can for you and your city. Isn't that enough? Why do you feel the need to terrorize and intimidate them? Be better than this.