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Copa America Centenario draw pits Gonzalo Higuain against Chile again

Pipita might have some bad flashbacks when he sees who Argentina will face in the group round this summer.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The group stage has been dawn for the Copa America Centenario this summer, and one Napoli star will not be looking forward to one of Argentina's opponents. Argentina headline Group D in the special 100th anniversary edition of the premier international competition of the Americas, and will be joined by the team that beat them in last summer's Copa America final: Chile.

Higuain can't be eager for any reminder of that game, which saw him come on as a late substitute only to badly miss potential game-winning goals at the end of regulation and then again in extra time. Then it got worse when he stepped up to the spot in the penalty shootout and came closer to hitting the back row of the stadium than getting his shot on target. That was arguably the lowest point of what had been a very low point in Higuain's career -- but it also helped kickstart the dramatic turnaround in form that Napoli are enjoying now.

Argentina and Chile will be joined by fellow CONMBEBOL side Bolivia, as well as perennial CONCACAF troublemakers Panama. It will be a hard-fought group, but one that Argentina should be able to win so long as they play to their potential -- something they've only done on a very inconsistent basis over the last few years.

Argentina face Chile in the first match of Group D on June 6th at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The first match of the tournament will be on June 3rd, with the host United States facing Camilo Zuniga's Colombia in the same building. For full information about the group stage draw, check out SB Nation's coverage.