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Jorginho on Italy national team radar

The midfielder's agent revealed that Jorginho and Italy national team boss Antonio Conte have talked and that playing in Euro 2016 is his goal.

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With a little bit of luck and a little bit of success, Napoli might wind up with an extra representative on the Italy national team when Euro 2016 rolls around next summer. Manolo Gabbiadini and Lorenzo Insigne are both likely to be part of the Italian squad that competes in France -- but now it's starting to look like there's a real chance Jorginho gets involved as well.

Jorginho was born in Brazil, but has Italian heritage all throughout his family and has spent most of his life in Italy. He's spoken over and over about only wanting to play for the Italian national team, and has previously been called into the Italian U-21 youth international side, though he never played at that level. Now, though, after a strong start to the season, Jorginho is on the radar of the senior team.

According to Jorginho's agent, the midfielder had a conversation with Italy boss Antonio Conte recently, and it sounds as though the interest is mutual. Things are apparently encouraging enough for Jorginho that his agent declared his client's next big career goal: to suit up for Gli Azzurri in the European Championships next summer.

It's a bold statement, especially with Andrea Pirlo and Marco Verratti in Jorginho's position, but if he can keep playing like he has in substitute appearances and against Brugge, then why not? Crazier things have happened, and if Conte sees a role for Jorginho in his side, then he'll figure out how to use him.

Good luck reaching your dream, Jorginho. If nothing else, Napoli fans will be behind you.