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Accidental goal king Jose Callejon thinks Napoli turned a corner

He may not have meant the goal that starting Napoli rolling, but Jose Callejon thinks this match helped them get on the right path.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Napoli enjoyed one heck of a fun match against Club Brugge in Europa League action on Thursday, scoring five goals and keeping their first clean sheet of the season in a resounding 5-0 win over a strong opponent. The first of those was scored by Jose Callejon just five minutes into the match -- though he had no intention of doing any such thing.

Callejon got the ball rolling for Napoli in the opening spell of the match, when he channeled his inner Thomas Müller and hit a cross-turned-whoops-turned-goal to open the scoring for the match

Credit: user Pontus_Pilates on r/soccer

Much like Müller on Wednesday in Champions League action, it appeared as though Callejon was trying to lob a cross to Gonzalo Higuain's near-post run, but overhit it and wound up scoring instead. His strike was made easier by Brugge goalkeeper Sinan Bolat not knowing where he should go, as Napoli's early pressure had him and his defense badly rattled.

Callejon looked a little sheepish as he celebrated his goal, but there was no hesitation when he scored again late in the match, with a deft finish to polish off a lovely ball over the top from Allan. That was Napoli's fifth and final goal of the match, and Ziggy thinks that huge victory was just what Napoli needed.

We wanted this victory so much, for both us and the fans because we haven’t started the season well. It is important to win your first game in the group and we put in a great performance.

This can be the turning point for us. It is key for us to continue on like this. Now we are confident we can put in a great performance on Sunday and take home the three points.

-Source: Gazzetta World

Callejon has an excellent point -- they've been needing a statement win, and that's exactly what this was. If they can keep up this form against Lazio on Sunday, things will be looking a lot brighter than they have so far this season.