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Christian Maggio retires from Italy national team

Napoli's right back has decided to end his time with the national team to focus on his remaining club career and, more importantly, on his family.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

During Napoli's pre-match press conference ahead of Thursday's Europa League match against Dynamo Moscow, fullback Christian Maggio announced that he has officially retired from international duty and will no longer accept callups from the Italy national team.

Maggio ends his international career having amassed 33 caps for Italy, including one World Cup appearance in 2012 and three Euro matches in 2012. He earned his first cap in 2008 in a friendly against Greece, and featured heavily for Italy under Cesare Prandelli over the last several years. Unfortunately, he never found a way to score a goal while wearing the Gli Azzurri shirt.

In the press conference, Maggio said that, despite the massive importance that playing for Italy represented for him, having more time to spend with his family was more important. "In these [seven] years I have been very busy and I have neglected my family a little. The decision is a difficult one, but I took it calmly. It's a closed chapter."

It's a shame that Maggio couldn't make a greater impact on the national team, because at his peak he was very good. Now 33, it's clear that Maggio is well past that peak, and making decisions based on family is completely understandable. Hopefully whatever decision he makes next about his club career works out for the best as well.