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Leonardo Pavoletti set for €12 million Cagliari transfer

The striker is already having his medical ahead of the transfer.

SSC Napoli v FC Crotone - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Leonardo Pavoletti has been an immense disappointment since joining Napoli in January, but that disappointment looks set to abate, with the striker appearing set for a transfer to Cagliari, and is already taking a medical with his soon-to-be new club.

Napoli look set to pocket €12 million in the deal, a fair loss on the €18 million they spent a few months ago, but honestly not bad considering just how poor he was in Naples. Pavoletti hardly played for the partenopei after signing, with injuries and poor form kept him from ever making an impact, and several high-profile misses when he did occasionally make it onto the pitch only made it worse for him.

At Cagliari, Pavoletti will have a chance to re-establish himself as a solid Serie A striker, while Napoli get the chance to move on and get some money to reinforce other parts of the squad. It’s not a high-profile move, but it’s a necessary one, and sometimes that’s all that needs to happen.

Hopefully Cagliari and Pavoletti work out well together — not against Napoli, obviously — and hopefully Napoli use this money well. Goodness knows they need to, because they still have some serious needs to address in the last two days of the transfer window.