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Omar El Kaddouri sold to Empoli on deadline day

One of the players on the fringes of the Napoli squad is on his way to a new home.

SSC Napoli v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

The winter transfer window is one where we often see fringe players in various squads find what will hopefully be bigger roles with new teams. Such is the case of Omar El Kaddouri — after never finding himself earning more than a reserve’s role with Napoli, the Moroccan international has just finished a transfer to Empoli.

The transfer fee is unknown, but seems unlikely to be particularly large. He did sign a three-and-a-half year deal, though, so he should be in Empoli for the foreseeable future.

As unfortunate as it is to see a potentially valuable player go, it’s probably for the best for El Kaddouri’s career. Empoli is a place where his talents in the final third can make a bigger impact than it has at Napoli, and El Kaddouri is certainly good enough that he deserves to start somewhere.

Best of luck to you, Omar. It was a pleasure watching you with Napoli over the last few years, and we at The Siren’s Song wish you the best in the rest of your career — just, you know, not on certain matchdays.