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Gonzalo Higuain officially becomes a Juventus player

The worst possible outcome of the Gonzalo Higuain saga has officially become true.

Dino Panato/Getty Images

It's official. Done. Complete. Finished. Gonzalo Higuain is no longer a Napoli player, officially signing with Juventus to complete his €94 million transfer. Higuain signed a five-year contract that will make him the highest-paid player in Serie A, completing the most miserable transfer saga in recent memory for Napoli fans.

To be honest, we've already said everything we have to say on the matter. Higuain forcing his way out like that and worse, engineering a move to Napoli's arch-rival is the height of disloyalty and arrogance on his part, and he will never, ever be forgiven by the fanbase for it.

The first Juventus match at the San Paolo this season is going to be... interesting. To say the absolute least.

So instead of offering analysis and going over things we've gone over five times now, because repetition is extremely boring, let's instead do this: vent. Go down into the comments and just let it out. Be tasteful -- there are rules and lines not to cross, after all -- but saying what you have to say about this will help you deal with what's happened and move on, and that's something we could all use right about now.

Go forth and vent.