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Carpi president reveals Eddy Gnahore will stay on loan next season

The young Napoli prospect will get more time to prove himself away on loan.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

In January, Napoli signed Eddy Gnahore, a young French midfielder who was playing very well in Lega Pro and looked to have the skills to make an impact at a much higher level. They loaned him out to Carpi in order to hone his skills, and apparently that stay will be longer than Napoli fans originally thought it would be.

When the move was announced, it was indicated that the loan would be just until the end of the season, but according to a statement made by Carpi president Stefano Bonacini, that might not be the case.

Gnahore is very good, but the accident slowed his inclusion in the team. It was a pity, but we have a two-year loan and the boy will remain with us next year; we expect him to contribute.

-Source: Tuttonapoli

It's good news for Gnahore, who drew rave reviews from Carpi's coaching staff in training, but whose season was cut short when a serious car accident in February left him with numerous injuries to recover from, including a hip fracture. Injuries have stunted his career before, including a series of injuries that ultimately saw Birmingham City cut him loose despite a promising start to his career in England.

Staying with Carpi next season, especially if they manager to survive relegation, will be a good thing for Gnahore's career. They'll be an excellent place for him to prove himself, and if Gnahore can seize the opportunity presented to him, Napoli could wind up with an excellent little midfielder. Hopefully his recovery goes smoothly, because it would be wonderful to see Gnahore succeed in Naples down the road.