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Napoli reject Russian offer for Vlad Chiriches

Apparently Napoli received an offer for Chiriches that would have netted them a tidy profit, but they turned it down.

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Transfer rumors are about players leaving as much as players coming in, and this one is about a potential departure. Rumors popped up over the weekend that an unidentified Russian club has been sniffing around Napoli defender Vlad Chiriches, and now there are reports that they lodged a bid for his services.

The reports indicate that the tabled offer was for €8 million plus several million more in potential bonuses. That would represent a tidy profit on a rotational defender they bought for €6 million six months ago, but Napoli turned the deal down, firmly enough that it's being said that they "closed the door" on potential future bids. That honestly makes sense -- Chiriches has been very good in almost every appearance he's made this season, and with Napoli's congested schedule they're going to need him.

Who tried for Chiriches? That's a mystery. The Russian team has been unnamed in every report and rumor. When you consider Chiriches' profile and the profiles and tendencies of major Russian clubs, only one name makes sense: Zenit St. Petersburg. They're more foreign-friendly and can afford to give Vlad a healthy raise to help pry him away -- but of course that's all a moot point, because Napoli aren't selling.

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