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De Laurentiis: "No possibility Gonzalo Higuain will leave"

Aurelio De Laurentiis declared that Napoli will be keeping their top striker.

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Gonzalo Higuain's status is a hot topic for Napoli fans right now, with swarms of rumors and supposition flying around. Aurelio De Laurentiis is apparently sick of it, and decided to take to Twitter over it:

For those who don't know Italian, that translates as "I reiterated to Mediaset tonight that there is no possibility that Gonzalo will go away. Higuain is and will be a player of Napoli." It's a pretty direct statement that leaves little to no room for interpretation, and it should serve as the hands-off warning it's meant to be.

De Laurentiis' words come in no small part because of comments from Higuain's agent-slash brother Nicolas early in the day, in which he wondered what ADL's intentions were for bringing up Higuain's release clause several times of late. In the Sports Mediaset interview Napoli's president mentioned in the Tweet, De Laurentiis expressed frustration with the agent's willingness to believe in apparently-off-base paper reports about Higuain.

Maybe, hopefully, this will put things to bed for awhile. Until and unless a team decides to be crazy and trigger Higuain's release clause, anyways. If that happens, all bets are off, and that might not be so bad either.