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Mercato Madness: Mirko Valdifiori signing possible, but not guaranteed

The agent of Empoli's star midfielder doesn't sound like he's convinced his client will be wearing a Napoli shirt next season.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

A couple months back, rumors popped up that Napoli were close to a deal to sign Empoli midfielder Mirko Valdifiori. The Italian had an impressive debut season in Serie A after spending the rest of his career in lower divisions, and that seemed to catch the eye of the partenopei.

Those rumors slowly drifted by the wayside, but they've been thrown back in to the limelight since the reports of Napoli bringing in Maurizio Sarri, Valdifiori's former manager at Empoli, started up. Right now it's widely assumed that Valdifiori will follow Sarri to Naples -- but his agent says not so fast.

"The lad is very fond of Sarri," Mario Giuffredi said of Valdifiori in a radio interview. "But for two weeks I have been working with three clubs and there's [no guarantee] that he'll wear the Napoli shirt."

Giuffredi -- who also represents Napoli goalkeeper and former Empoli loan star Luis Sepe -- also indicated that he hasn't spoken to Napoli yet, but would more than welcome their call if they want to make a move. While there are doubts as to the midfielder's talent, whether or not he's good enough for a club with Napoli's ambitions, it would be handy having the 29 year old around to help the other midfielders adapt to Sarri's tactics and technical demands.

Torino have reportedly already made an offer for Valdifiori, and Giuffredi expects his client to sign with a new team within the next two weeks. If Napoli really do want Valdifiori, they'll need to move quickly.