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Fiorentina transfer "rumor" latest evidence that Insigne's agent should just shut up

Lorenzo Insigne's agent is running his mouth again. He needs to stop.

"Dude. Really. Please stop."
"Dude. Really. Please stop."
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Less than a week ago, the man gainfully employed by Lorenzo Insigne as his agent uttered these cringe-inducing words: "He feels neglected by Napoli." Not content to stand by just that patently-wrong statement, Antonio Ottaiano decided to plow on ahead some more in a radio interview:

We don’t know what might have gone on between Napoli and Fiorentina. I haven’t had contact with the club [Napoli], but I can imagine that other clubs have.

I think Lorenzo is in the club’s plans. If not, then Florence would be an interesting place, but it’s too early to talk about that.

-Source: Radio Blu, translation via Football Italia

Seriously, dude, just stop. You're not doing your client any favors with this nonsensical made up bullcrap. All you're doing is stirring the pot for no reason. There is no benefit to be gained here, unless you're actively trying to get the fanbase to hate Insigne, which doesn't make any sense at all and wouldn't be anything remotely considered "good."

Napoli have continuously been immensely supportive of Lorenzo Insigne. They've given him new contracts when he's been good. They've given him new contracts when he's been bad. When the fanbase started to turn against Insigne last summer after he was part of the Italian national team crashed out of the World Cup group stage, the team stood behind him and protected him.

When Insigne shredded his knee -- against Fiorentina, which makes the rumor his agent is trying to start all the more hilarious -- Napoli gave him all the support and resources he needed to return to the field, then celebrated his return and ultimately made him the club's vice-captain by the end of the season.

To make any suggestion that Insigne is "neglected" by Napoli, or that he might not be part of the club's plans, is at best laughable, and at worst an outright lie meant to destabilize the relationship. Ottaiano has always been a brash loudmouth who can't get out of his own way, but this summer his game has taken a nasty turn.

Please, Lorenzo, for the good of both yourself and this entire fanbase: fire your agent. He's only harming you at this point. Shut him up and ship him out.