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Mercato Madness: Pepe Reina medical coming Tuesday ahead of transfer from Bayern Munich?

Napoli seem to be moving full steam ahead with signing the Spanish goalkeeper after Bayern Munich secured his replacement.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Napoli have already wrapped up their first signing of the summer, and the second might not be far behind: Pepe Reina is, apparently, scheduled to come to Italy for a medical at the club's training facility on Tuesday ahead of signing his new contract and finalizing his transfer.

Reina didn't enjoy the best of seasons with Bayern Munich, making only a handful of appearances and spending more time injured during his German campaign. He decided that, at almost 33, he wants to play more again, so now he's leaving Bayern after just one year.

Napoli moved quickly, believed to have agreed to the outlines of a deal with both Bayern and Reina to bring the goalkeeper back to Naples. There was a delay while Napoli sorted out their leadership changes and Bayern brought in Reina's replacement, but now it looks like things are set to go ahead.

While no real word has emerged yet about the transfer fee agreement between the clubs, the "framework" rumor mentioned about had the fee around €4 million, with Reina set to sign a three-year deal worth €3 million per year, a steep drop on his old wages. Given that his high wages were what kept him from staying with Napoli after his loan ended, this seems like a decent deal for all parties.

Let's hope that Napoli get the Pepe Reina of the first half of his season with the club, though. If they get the Reina of the second half of that season, which was roughly analogous to the Reina in such poor form he got forced out at Liverpool, they might wish they'd gone in another direction in goal.