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Mercato Madness: Walter Gargano set for likely Napoli departure

One of Napoli's much maligned midfielders looks like he'll be leaving the club soon.

"I wanna go play over there!"
"I wanna go play over there!"
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

We've talked a bit before about how the changes Maurizio Sarri is bringing with him will likely mean several players are going to leave the club this summer,* and it looks like one of the first dominoes to fall could be in midfield, where Walter Gargano looks like he's set to leave the club.

*Yes, there's going to be a more in-depth look at Sarri's tactics and fit with the current players soon. I've just been swamped and haven't had time to write it yet.

The Uruguayan midfielder was used fairly heavily last season, starting 25 matches across all competitions and subbing in to eight others. But Gargano rarely convinced, with only one notably decent run of form that lasted a few matches. Otherwise, the 30 year old's performances tended to be somewhere between "mediocre" and "downright awful," which left him on shaky ground with the club for next season even before a manager was hired that he doesn't necessarily fit with.

On the plus side, Gargano seems to have options. His agent recently spoke of mutual interest with Liga MX side Monterrey, who struggled in the Clausura season thanks in large part to a dysfunctional midfield. Still, they're a big side with a lot of history, including multiple first division titles and a recent run of three straight CONCACAF Champions League titles.

Gargano's agent also mentioned interest from teams in England and Qatar, which seems odd but plausible. Any of the three teams promoted from the Championship to the Premier League in England would likely find Gargano useful, and Qatar is always hoovering up fringe players who want to make more money.

It certainly looks like Gargano's days in Naples are numbered. He was a decent player for the team once, but those days are several years gone. It's kind of a shame, but, well, that's football. Hopefully he finds better luck with another team in the future.