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Mercato Madness: Jorginho offered as part of failed Paulo Dybala transfer

Napoli used one of their midfielders to try and get Palermo's star striker, but were too late.

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It's been clear for some time now that Jorginho is out of favor with Napoli and might not be in the club's long-term plans. We also know that, while it looks like Paulo Dybala is about to sign with Juventus, Napoli really wanted him. What do these two things have to do with each other, you ask?

Well, buried in a snippet about Dybala maybe having a medical in Turin on Monday, was this:

Napoli are said to have bid €25m plus Jorginho for the player, but that was also rejected as Zamparini and the player had already agreed a deal with Juventus and decided to honour that.

-Source: Football Italia

If Napoli are willing to use Jorginho as bait and makeweight in a deal to get another player, he has no real future with the club. It's unfortunate, because he has the potential to be a wonderful player for the partenopei, but after a brief run of poor form in the first half of the season, he got absolutely buried in the squad by Rafa Benitez and has rarely been seen again. When Jorginho has played since then, it's mostly been good, though it does have to be said that he was terrible on Sunday and had two unforgivably poor moments in the match against Cesena.

The ultimate fate of Jorginho in a Napoli kit will probably be determined by who the next manager is -- he'd actually be an interesting fit for Sinisa Mihajlovic if he's the one hired -- it certainly doesn't look like he'll be part of the squad next season as things stand. It'd be a sad end to a Napoli career that started so brightly, but sometimes this game is a fickle bitch like that.