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Palermo pushing late for Bruno Uvini loan

Palermo are back in the hunt for Napoli's outcast Brazilian defender.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

With it looking more and more likely that Palermo are going to lose Ezequiel Munoz -- Sampdoria are believed to be on the verge of signing him after AC Milan pulled out of a deal -- the Rosanero have renewed and reinvigorated their interest in acquiring Brazilian defender Bruno Uvini on loan from Napoli.

The 23 year old central defender doesn't seem to be in Napoli's short term plans -- or even long term, most likely -- so sending him away to a team that actually wants him makes a lot of sense. Until yesterday, it seemed that Uvini was destined to join Sporting Lisbon in Portugal, but those talks fell apart after Sporting decided the negotiations were taking too long.

With the Portuguese club out of the picture, Palermo makes as much sense as anyone else. He'd likely be a heavy part in the rotation in a side that uses a three-man back line. If he gets regular minutes and does better than he has in the past, then who knows, maybe he can come back and become a useful part of the Napoli squad. That's probably not terribly likely, but we can hope, right?